Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC)

Glass ampoules for pharmaceuticals offer robust defense against the falsification of medications.

A deterrent against pharmaceutical product counterfeiting

According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 10% of all drugs sold globally may be counterfeit, often containing incorrect dosages or lacking active ingredients.

Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC) serve as a crucial tool for pharmaceutical companies to address the potential risks and expenses associated with drug counterfeiting, while also safeguarding patient well-being.

In the manufacturing process, ampoules are imprinted with ink containing light-emitting particles, forming identification rings, OPC dots, and/or printed text. These markings, visible only with a specialized reader, help authenticate the drug’s legitimacy.


Ideal for holding anesthetics used during brief medical procedures.

Ideal for holding anesthetics used during brief medical procedures.

Perfect for containing drugs related to reproductive health and childbirth.


The proprietary ink used for identification rings, OPC dots, and text labeling on Ampoules AC helps verify the source of pharmaceutical products.

They serve as a distinctive authentication proof, safeguarding intellectual property rights.

Ampoules AC play a crucial role in preventing contamination of drugs, thus securing the reputation and financial interests of pharmaceutical firms.

Safeguard the security of intellectual property rights.

Ensures the integrity of your brand with secure, tamper-evident packaging.

Confirms the authenticity and precise measurement of active components.

Eliminates the requirement to modify registration documents, thus shortening the time to market.


Stringent quality standards, diverse materials, sizes, and configurations

  • Manufactured to uphold the rigorous quality standards of the StandardLine, Ampoules AC exemplify excellence as outlined in the Defect Evaluation List (DEL) 2016.

  • Offering versatility, container materials include FIOLAX® clear, amber, and CHR glass.

  • Available in a variety of formats ranging from 1 to 30 ml, Ampoules AC provide options in forms B, C, and D to suit diverse needs.

  • Enhanced with surface ink containing light-emitting particles, these ampoules offer customizable colors for added versatility. 

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