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Our Products

Our ampoules are produced from the best quality imported glass tubing (first class hydrolytic, USP Type-1, Amber or clear) supplied to us by Schott Rohrglas Germany, Nippon Electric Glass Company – Japan, and Kimble Italia, the world’s leading glass tubing manufacturers.

Our ampoules are produced in highly hygienic and dust free atmosphere. We have established two systems i.e. Chiller and Air Condition. The chiller system brings dust free air in the production hall and comfortable temperature by air condition plant. In addition, to this, we have the finest laboratories to check the ampoules from each and every angle besides the facilities of autoclave, annealing check the strength and capabilities of holding high temperature and pressure which it has to undergo during the filling process.

To provide a dust free and safe delivery to our customers, we pack our ampoules in shrink wrap cartons with inner side lamination. We prepare shrink wrap cartons for our customers according to their approved size and specifications. Shrink wrap cartons are then packed in the master cartons.

Standard Line Ampoules

Thanks to excellent raw materials and our converting expertise, SCHOTT Pharma´s StandardLine Ampoules are characterized by high chemical resistance, accurate dimensions, tight cosmetic control, and drug stability until the point of use.

Ampoules easyOPC

An improved and more controlled manufacturing process helps SCHOTT Pharma´s Ampoules easyOPC to achieve an optimized breakforce range while eliminating outliers.


Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC)

Ampoules AC feature light-emitting particles added as identification rings, OPC dot, or printed text to the outer surface of the ampoules for effective prevention against drug counterfeiting.