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Work Hours
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Quality Control & Assurance

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced staff of production and quality assurance. As a result, in a short span of only six years, Friends Glass (Private) Limited achieved excellence in ampoules manufacturing and successfully manufactured all kinds of ampoules for the multinational companies according to DIN standard No. 58377. We also successfully manufactured ampoules according to special drawings for high speed filling machines with compact line. Now, by the grace of Allah Almighty (S.W.T). we are the only one in Pakistan possessing the latest and modern approach who are competing  in quality with the imported ampoules of Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and Germany with an additional 20% improved quality results at competitive prices.  In recognition of our quality, now, we have a sizable number of customers, which increases every year. A brief list of our present multinational pharmaceutical customers in Pakistan with whom we are registered as recognized principal supplier, is given below, 

As a mark of satisfaction from the quality and competitive prices of our locally manufactured glass ampoules in comparison to imported one, all the aforementioned companies have placed their orders with us after their Q.C and Q.A have approved the quality and drawings of our ampoules, which can be provided on request.