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Standard Line Ampoules

Safe and stable storage from production to administration

Glass ampoules are one of the most widely used forms of pharmaceutical packaging, with health care professionals around the world using over three million every hour. Whether in a surgery, an emergency room, or an ambulance, clinicians need rapid and simple access to life-saving drugs stored in safe and stable containers.

StandardLine Ampoules are made using FIOLAX® Type I Borosilicate Glass, which offers high chemical resistance and fulfill all specifications regarding hydrolytic resistance to offer stable storage for pharmaceutical companies and to keep drug-container interaction to a minimum.

Tight tolerances ensure an efficient fill-and-finish process, while stringent camera-controlled inspections reduce the amount of rejects. All four available break systems for ampoules help to support easy-to-open usage. 


The cornerstone of the global drug storage system

Made using Type I Borosilicate Glass with high chemical resistance according to ISO 9187-1, StandardLine Ampoules have a crucial role in the safe storage of a vast range of drugs and medications around the world. These drugs include:

  • Anesthetics for local, pre-operative, and sedation for short-term procedures.

  • Emergency drugs, such as medication used to treat anaphylaxis, as well as poison antidotes and anti-seizure drugs.

  • Medications for cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological, and behavioral disorders.


Low reject rate, reduced particles, and an outstanding fill and finish process

Friends Glass´s StandardLine Ampoules have a wide range of advantages that benefit pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and patients.

  • Hermetically sealed through melting, the ampoules provide intrinsic container closure integrity, and deliver an outstanding fill and finish process thanks to highly accurate dimensions and a choice of forms such as Type B.

  • High cosmetic quality provides a low reject rate and high inspectability.

  • Made of 100 % glass, StandardLine Ampoules are tamper-safe and offer high chemical resistance and excellent extractables and leachables profiles.

  • The OPC break system offers tighter and more consistent breakforces.

  • When combined with innovative ampoule opening techniques, particle loss during opening can be reduced by more than 60 %.


High quality drug containers with a wide range of options


  • Cosmetic AQLs* at least according to current Defect Evaluation List as most relevant industry standard, also aligned with current PDA Technical Report
  • A choice of glass for ampoules is offered: FIOLAX® clear, FIOLAX® amber, FIOLAX® Pro (only for China), and FIOLAX® CHR.
  • StandardLine Ampoules are available in a range of formats, from 1-30 ml.
  • Three forms are available: B, C and D.
  • We offer a choice of packaging, including polypropylene tray and lid, cellophane cover, and polyethylene shrink-wrap.


High quality drug containers with a wide range of options

With the StandardLine Ampoules of Friend Glass, you have a range of options. While open (form B and C) and closed (form D) StandardLine Ampoules are available as non-sterile containers from all our sites, form D outer treated ampoules with ethylene oxide (ETO) are available from our Mexico site. 

Outer-treated ETO ampoules have the advantage of fulfilling local regulations (for example Mexican Pharmacopeia), which saves time and resources after purchase. All of our StandardLine Ampoules are delivered in highly standardized secondary packaging.