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Ampoules easyOPC

A tighter breakforce range for the protection of the end user

A recent study has shown that 89% of health care professionals have difficulties in opening ampoules. If every nurse has challenges with 114 unbreakable medication ampoules per year, this could generate more than €1 billion in costs for the pharmaceutical industry.

By improving the converting process, Friends Glass has achieved an optimized breakforce range while removing outliers for its ampoules. This tiny but crucial difference cannot be seen with the naked eye, but results in the reduction of unbreakable ampoules, lowering return numbers and costs.

With a tighter breakforce range (from 25-65 N, depending on ampoule format) Ampoules easyOPC also protect nurses from injury at the point of use, as well as safeguarding patients thanks to a lower risk of glass splinters contaminating the medication during opening.


The reliable pharmaceutical packaging for emergency treatment

Ampoules easyOPC are the preferred container for a wide range of drugs:

  • Emergency medication such as antidotes and anticonvulsants

  • Medicines that affect the blood and respiratory tract

  • Vitamins, minerals and solutions that correct water, electrolyte, and acid-base disturbances


Safe and simple – an unmatched opening performance

Thanks to a tight and consistent breakforce, Ampoules easyOPC offer exceptional opening performance.

  • Ampoules easyOPC make opening easier and safer, lowering the risk of injury to nurses and doctors while protecting the medicine inside.

  • The number of unbroken glass ampoules is reduced, leading to a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for pharmaceutical companies due to decreased quality costs.

  • Ampoules easyOPC have an AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) of 0.01 for pharmaceutical companies and 50 ppm in the product lot.


High chemical resistance, tightness, and strength

  • StandardLine quality level according to Defect Evaluation List (DEL) 2016 and PDA TR43.

  • Available in FIOLAX® clear, FIOLAX® amber, and FIOLAX® CHR glass container material.

  • Format range from 1-20 ml.

  • Available forms include B, C and D.

  • Packaging options include polypropylene tray and lid, cellophane cover and/or polyethylene shrink-wrap upon request.


Available as non-sterile containers

Ampoules easyOPC are packaged in highly standardized secondary packaging and are available as non-sterile containers. Ampoules easyOPC (forms B or C) must be washed and sterilized prior to filling, while closed form D can be filled directly after opening.