Ampoules easyOPC

Pharmaceutical glass ampoules for safe and easy ampoule opening

An adjusted range of breakforce to enhance safety for the consumer

A recent analysis indicates that 89% of healthcare workers face challenges when opening ampoules. Considering each nurse encounters approximately 114 problematic ampoules annually, this issue could lead to expenses surpassing $1 billion for the pharmaceutical sector.

Friends Glass has enhanced its production process, achieving a refined breakforce range and eliminating anomalies in its ampoules. Although this improvement is imperceptible to the eye, it significantly decreases the occurrence of unbreakable ampoules, thus reducing returns and associated costs.

The introduction of Ampoules easyOPC with a more precise breakforce spectrum (ranging from 25-65 N, based on the ampoule design) not only prevents injuries to nurses during usage but also ensures patient safety by minimizing the chance of glass fragments entering the medication upon opening.


Dependable packaging solutions for urgent medical care.

Medications crucial for reversing harmful effects of toxins and managing seizure disorders.

Drugs targeting blood and respiratory conditions to maintain vital functions.

Compounds and infusions designed to regulate water, electrolytes, and pH levels in the body.


Effortless and secure – unparalleled ease of access.

Ampoules easyOPC enhance the opening process, ensuring safety for healthcare professionals and integrity of the medication.

The reduction in unbreakable ampoules translates to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for pharmaceutical firms, thanks to minimized quality-related expenses.

With an Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) set at 0.01 and a product lot threshold of 50 parts per million (ppm), Ampoules easyOPC stand for high-quality standards in pharmaceutical packaging.

Uniform and reliable breaking force for unparalleled activation efficiency

Effortless and secure access minimizes the likelihood of injury during operation.

Fewer instances of indestructible ampoules lead to a decline in customer grievances.

Accelerated product launch as there is no necessity to modify regulatory documentation.


Exceptional resistance to chemicals, impermeability, and robustness.

  • Conforms to the StandardLine quality benchmark as per the Defect Evaluation List (DEL) 2016 and PDA Technical Report 43.

  • Offered in FIOLAX® transparent, FIOLAX® tinted, and FIOLAX® chemical-resistant glass types.

  • Variety of sizes ranging from 1 ml to 20 ml.

  • Forms B, C, and D are available to choose from. 

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