StandardLine Ampoules

Always in line with evolving industry standard

Secure Storage from Production to Delivery.

Glass ampoules, a prevalent choice for pharmaceutical packaging, are utilized globally by health care professionals at a rate exceeding three million per hour. These professionals, whether operating in surgeries, emergency rooms, or ambulances, depend on quick access to essential medications housed in reliable and stable vessels.

Crafted from FIOLAX® Type I Borosilicate Glass, StandardLine Ampoules boast superior chemical durability and meet all criteria for hydrolytic resistance, ensuring pharmaceuticals are stored securely and interactions between drug and container are minimized.

The production process is optimized through precise tolerances, enhancing the fill-and-finish efficiency. Rigorous camera inspections help to minimize reject rates. Additionally, the four distinct break systems designed for these ampoules facilitate a user-friendly opening experience.


Drugs for numbing and sedation during brief medical procedures.

Treatments for anaphylaxis, poisoning, and seizures.

Medications for heart, digestive, hormonal, brain, and mental health disorders.


The proprietary ink used for identification rings, OPC dots, and text labeling on Ampoules AC helps verify the source of pharmaceutical products.

They serve as a distinctive authentication proof, safeguarding intellectual property rights.

Ampoules AC play a crucial role in preventing contamination of drugs, thus securing the reputation and financial interests of pharmaceutical firms.

The container is hermetically sealed to ensure intrinsic closure integrity.

100% tamper-safe, featuring superior profiles for extractables and leachables.

Adheres to ISO dimensions to guarantee an exceptional fill and finish process.

The design significantly reduces particle loss by 60% during opening.


Premium Drug Containers: A Spectrum of High-Quality Options Meeting Industry Standards

  • Adhering to the latest industry standards, including cosmetic AQLs*, as outlined in the current Defect Evaluation List and PDA Technical Report.

  • Offering FIOLAX® clear, FIOLAX® amber, and FIOLAX® CHR.

  • Available in formats ranging from 1 ml to 30 ml.

  • Types B, C, and D are available to suit different requirements.


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